Hi I'm Alex 👋🌏

Building digital products,

and automating workflows.

A Product Manager, self-taught Full Stack Developer and Low-Code Evangelist with a ton of experience working with Midmarket and Large Enterprises. I build apps that solve my own problems!

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Check out some of my personal projects.


Freemium real-estate aggregator.

Node, Pug, Meilisearch, Firebase

MTLNode (Mobile app)

Mobile version.

Glide, PWA, Google Apps Script

SAQ - Choose your wine

Find the best SAQ wines with Vivino.

JS, Webflow, Browser extension, Featured by Google


SaaS Expense Management platform.

Node, Pug, Auth0, Firebase, Google Vision

Zendesk ChatGPT Assistant

AI Assistant for Zendesk agent.

JS, Zendesk SDK, OpenAI

Freshdesk ChatGPT Assistant

AI Assistant for Freshdesk agents.

JS, Freshdesk SDK, OpenAI

More to come 🎉